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Running with the Hounds: A Conversation with Campus Ministry
June, 1977, 151 pages, a generous gift from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

"The Care of the Earth" (Print-Friendly Version)

Christmas, the ‘Messiah’ and the Small Town (Print-Friendly Version)
December 22, 1965

"Education as Furniture and Propellant" (Print-Friendly Version)
February 1, 1984

"As Lent Begins" (Print-Friendly Version)
From Elma Raske to Madaline Oetting, 3-13-63, gift of Robert Oetting.

"Lord Have Mercy On Us" (Print-Friendly Version)
From The Lutheran, April 5, 1961.

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Three Books Republished
Gravity and Grace
The Structure of Christian Ethics
The Care of the Earth

Video RetrospectiveA Video Retrospective
a collection from several sources on a variety of topics


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