<%Option Explicit%> <% ' Name: offsite.asp ' Purpose: To warn a visitor to our site that they are leaving it. ' Author: Tony Loza ' Editor: VID 6.0 ' History: ' - Kathy Becknek changed the code to allow for a spanish version. ' - 11/21/00 Tony changed check box form tag so that it does not point at ' Kathy's test directory in scriptlib. ' - 06/27/03 Tony changed the length of the URL displayed from 100 to 50. ' ' - 05/18/04 Paul decoded then URI Encoded the url string using server-side JScript. ' ' Parameters passed dim cUrl dim cChange dim nURLMaxLen dim cReturnURL dim lang dim textArray(12) 'an array for text messages on the page lang=(Request.QueryString("lang")) ' Locate "url=" anywhere within the string, then select the rest, then un-encode the entire string and encode just the path cUrl = JS_unescape(CStr(Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING"))) cChange = trim(Request.QueryString("Change")) nURLMaxLen = 50 if lang="esp" then 'save spanish variables textArray(0)="Está usted saliendo del sitio en internet
" &_ "de la sede central de la
" &_ "Iglesia Evangélica Luterana en América (IELA)" textArray(1)="Al hacer click en este enlace para continuar hacia:" textArray(2)="La sede central de la IELA no se hace responsable del contenido y los enlaces que visite; estos son la responsabilidad de quienes auspician cada sitio individualmente." textArray(3)="Gracias por su visita. Vuelva pronto." textArray(4)="Regreso a la página anterior de la IELA." textArray(5)="<- Seleccione aquí si desea siempre pasar a un enlace externo sin hacer click en éste. Usaremos una ciber-galleta para recordarle esta preferencia." textArray(6)="o espere un momento" textArray(7)="| compartiendolafe |" textArray(8)="/co/offsite/spanish_images/spanish_text.gif" textArray(9)="/co/offsite/spanish_images/spanish_left_upper.gif" textArray(10)="/co/offsite/spanish_images/spanish_right_upper.gif" textArray(11)="/co/offsite/spanish_images/spanish_left_lower.gif" textArray(12)="/co/offsite/spanish_images/spanish_right_lower.gif" else 'save english variables textArray(0)="You are now leaving
" &_ "the Joseph Sittler Archives" textArray(1)="Once you click this link to continue to:" textArray(2)="the contents and links you see are beyond
the control of the Joseph Sittler Archives;
they are the responsibility of the individual Web hosts." textArray(3)="Thank you for visiting; Please come again soon!" textArray(4)="Go back to previous page." textArray(5)="Check this box if you want to always be taken to an external link without clicking on it. A cookie will be used to remember this preference." textArray(6)="or wait a few seconds" textArray(7)="" textArray(8)="/co/offsite/images/offsite_disclaimer_r1_c3.gif" textArray(9)="/co/offsite/images/offsite_disclaimer_r1_c1.gif" textArray(10)="/co/offsite/images/offsite_disclaimer_r1_c2.gif" textArray(11)="/co/offsite/images/offsite_disclaimer_r2_c1.gif" textArray(12)="/co/offsite/images/offsite_disclaimer_r2_c2.gif" end if ' Save a cookie with information about a preferece If cChange <> "" Then Response.Cookies("offsite")("auto") = Request.QueryString("auto") ' If "auto" is not empty cookie will last many years else it will expire after browser is closed. If Request.QueryString("auto") <> "" Then Response.Cookies("offsite").Expires = #January 1, 2038# Else Response.Cookies("offsite").Expires = #January 1, 1999# End If End If ' Set ReturnURL to make it easy to go back a page. If Request.QueryString("ReturnURL") <> "" Then cReturnURL = Request.QueryString("ReturnURL") Else cReturnURL = Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER") End If %> <% if Request.Cookies("offsite")("auto") <> "" Then %> <% End If %> Offsite Disclaimer




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