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Running with the Hounds: Conversation with Campus Ministry
by Joseph Sittler

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My vocation is to teach theology, and my vocation is to try to expand and expound possible meanings of biblical images which shall be congruent with a not-earth-centered notion of the cosmos. This is not Mrs. Svensonís job. It is not my job, maybe, as pastor of Mrs. Svenson; but I am not just that. If the church sticks me with this job, then confound it, I have got to run where the hounds are. So I would defend the legitimacy of theological speculation as necessary obedience to the momentum of thought. I am not expounding this as what I say to Mrs. Svenson, but I am talking about you who are also running with the hounds. ó Joseph Sittler

Running with the Hounds (PDF, 721KB)Table of Contents
Joseph Sittler: A Tribute by Donald F. Hetzler
On Krister Stendahlís "Paul Among the Jews and Gentiles"
Biblical Interpretation Today
Christology and Grace
A Little Discourse on Style
Eternal Life
The New Situation in Ethics
Afterword by Melvin D. George


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